Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Farmer C through E

I took a little break from the farmer, we needed a little time apart.  As they say, separation makes the heart grow fonder, in this case fondness would translate to reigniting the progress.  I realized after looking through some of my favorite blogs that a whole 5 weeks had gone by without more blocks done.  That's 10 blocks...10!?!   

Since that realization, it's been another week for an overall 17 weeks total...and creeping into week 18.  For a recap, that is a total of 34 (36) blocks.  Now, I'm a competitive person by nature, so the farmer is truly a project I need to kick back into! 

The blocks in the book are in alphabetic order which just works for me so I go with it....  SO I start with Country Farm, then Country Path but (queue dramatic music)

 Looks unassuming right?  Cups and Saucers.  Triangles and I weren't getting along...and we still aren't really.  The one on the right <below> was put together and 'off', I seam ripped, it was resewn then seam ripped/resewn repeatedly.  Remember I'm competitive, I was going to win!   

After stomping my feet and thinking about a fire thrower calming down and admitting defeat, I assembled the rest of my initial 9 blocks I had cut out.  I cursed my competitive nature then redid Cups & Saucers for the version on the left.  Totally different look, still a little off, but that's all for me with this one! 

Here are my 31 blocks together - only 80 left..80!?!

As a reward for my calm and cool approach to my reunion with the farmer, I gave myself a quick project and made this cute fabric basket. 

 I used some scrap halloween fabric and solids and used this tutorial by Ayumi at the Pink Penguin
Here it is in the bath - I suspect that I will making several more of these!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the basket Karen, it could even do as a trick or treat bag

  2. That basket is adorable!! Your farmer's blocks are looking great. I admire your tenacity with that challenging Cups & Saucers block.

  3. I have had to redo more than one block. Sigh!!! I have only done 30 so I need to get it together this weekend. That basket is so cute. It would make good Xmas presents. I have some Xmas fabrics that I am dying to use.

  4. I just finished week 9 of the FWQAL. I am so behind!! Yours are looking great!

  5. I've lost track of how far behind I am! That basket is adorable.

  6. Gorgeous Farmers Blocks. I had to give that one a miss because I couldn't commit to the Farmer for that length of time but having seen your blocks Im doing a re-think!

    I LOVE that basket ...maybe I should give that one a go!Im not great at anything with handles....