Friday, March 16, 2012

Check it out - FTLOS2 received!

OK!  Honestly! - I really mean it - I don't want to get too sappy but I got another squishy in the mail from my partner in the For the Love of Solids II.  This one got me a little misty eyed too.

This picture doesn't do it justice, the quilting is amazing!

My partner made that incredible mini quilt for me - she even used Kona pomegranate which is my latest all time favorite - and my partner?  Oh ya - my partner was the talented Candi@Raccooncreekquilts

Ok, here's the misty-eyed part.  You know how you want people to follow your blog? I mean it's fun when pictures of followers pop up on your sidebar right?  When I started this blog last May, my first quilty follower was Candi!  I mean, I was surprised to even get a follower and there she was - right next to my cousin's picture (by the way thanks Theresa :D) !  I love stalking her blog too - she's got some great stuff going on!

You can imagine my surprise when I saw her name on the return address label for the package.

Candi also included a pin cushion of loveliness, a charm pack -  (her card is cool too) and this is a super touch:

These fabric strips were the packing 'peanuts' for the box she sent!  Isn't that a great idea?  I will so enjoy using these too!  Thank you Candi!  I already have the mini quilt up in my sewing room and some plans for the extras you sent.  Candi also has a fabulous quilt pattern that is available - check it out!

I am SO behind on my quilting lately and need to get the ball rolling.  I have a couple more swap deadlines approaching but think I will get these wrapped up soon.  I really need some time at the machine but 70 degree weather and visiting family are taking over this weekend.

Also - did you see this?

I couldn't resist.  I have been wanting to make the Tova for.ever. and the price kept me from doing it.  Well...check it out - the pattern is available via PDF now and Kerry is doing a sew-a-long!  Now what should I choose for fabric?  EEK

Like I needed that - but I do!  I really do!  Join :D 
Have a good weekend!


  1. what a wonderful swishy to recieve.xx

  2. The mini quilt is fab - how lovely to get such a wonderful package from your first non-relation follower :)

  3. That is a gorgeous will inspire you to do great things!

  4. Great package, and it was definitely fate! Love the 'green' packaging idea too :o)

    I'm skipping the Tova with a heavy heart, because it would look like a potato sack maternity outfit on me - Kerry and I talked, and we decided that large bust and smallish waist along with short torso do not a good Tova wearer make!

  5. That was such a sweet thing for her to do for you! The sew along looks fun, too!

  6. awww - Im so glad you liked it! I had a really great time making it for you!