Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pillow Crazy

I don't know how many times I've bypassed the 'pillow' on my to-do list but I have.  Then I curse myself when I look around and don't have fun pillows to brighten up the place.

This Star Flower pillow was on top of my pillow list since I saw it at Moda Bake Shop and then again when I couldn't resist the 8th issue of Fatquarterly ! 

I am a constant admirer of the designer, Aylin, (Nilya2011) in Flickr and have been watching Annie over at freezeframe (who has a self-inflicted pillow challenge happening) add to that my love of paper piecing - and I finally couldn't resist! 

I've had these Lizzy House Outfoxed fabrics for a while and was hoping to put them in a quick quilt but thought immediately to use them for this project and I'm so glad I did.

Very fun to put this together using a combination of strip piece/triangle shape cutting and paper.  I loved it and I highly recommend it.  Aylin has this pattern and another (Flower Star) for a 2 sided pillow if you want to try it!

I also couldn't help myself and ironed all my HSTs from the Swoon ~

and put this together for the 1st leftover-Swoon pillow ~
I am planning on reusing 2 24" pillow forms (that have less than quilty covers on them currently) from our bedroom re-paint/re-do.  Speaking of which, the what I have termed horrific wallpaper border

is now down and we are left with these 2 delectible colors to paint over....
I like this combo for a quilt but maybe not together on a bedroom wall?
now, it's on to the paint color decision.  Oh, and why is it that every.single.project turns into more projects?!?  Is it karma?

Give me ideas on best color if you have one.  Later -K


  1. Hi Karen! I LOVE your pillow! Great design and I really love your fabrics and colors. How fun it is to know that I've helped to inspire you. I did not know about Aylin, but have made her a flickr contact now. Your swoon leftovers are making into another really fun pillow design too!

  2. Wonderful pillows! I think you need industrial strength primer first - I have done similar projects and I recommend that you use the primer that is designed to cover everything, it is worth the time and effort. Then you will have white walls (or at least whiteish) to use to finalize your pick of the wall colour and it is much easier to do, at least it is for me when there is such a dark and dominant colour in place.

  3. I second the motion for works wonders. LOL I am in love with your Swoon HST pillow cover. Gorgeous! I'm not good with colors on walls, I tend to go toward neutrals and I hear that is boring! :)

  4. love the swoon pillow - what a gorgeous range echo is

  5. The Echo scraps pillow is looking so lovely!

  6. Your pillows are very pretty. I think that the color combination you have needs to be toned down and tweaked a little. Like a rosy pink, with a sage green? But that is how I want my bedroom, so of course I would say that!

  7. Did you decide on a paint color yet? Love your pillow and the leftover Swoon pillow (it looks like pretty envelopes to me)!