Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I'm doing

Been a bit since I was last here...but I've been doing some small stuff to share.  Like, let's start with this ~

Since we were traveling during the Memorial Day weekend I picked up this Dimensions kit to work on.  So perfect for me as I have been bike crazy this year.  I have been drawn to bike fabrics and have been enjoying my 'new/used' bike too. 

So, while my husband was driving during our trip, I did some stitching!  It has been quite some time since I have done this and it was truly - just like riding a bike :D.  I did need some pointers from the directions but - got it done pretty quick.

All but the flowers in the basket at least.  I waited on those because as I was stitching it I was thinking about what to do with it when done.  I also thought that the muted black needed some color so I want to stitch the flowers in color.  All I know is, this bike is calling out to be a part of something quilty.

Then, when I saw that the Sweetwater 'Lucy's Crabshack' fabrics were available as of May, I couldn't resist.  I picked up some to play with ~

I adore that bike fabric and the colorful flower print is likely going to be the colors for the flowers in my bike basket flower embroidery.  Perfect!

SO, now wondering what I will do to incorporate/combine - or maybe I won't.  Maybe something else will percolate for my bikes. 

Oh, and I also found some new inspiration with the purchase of this book and I am so happy I did! 

I recommend this book for some great ideas and beautiful pictures along with some great tips on quilting.  Good stuff!!

Have a great day!


  1. Oooh, loving that bike, and the Lucy's Crab Shack line! Enjoy the new book :o)

  2. Brilliant, my friend! Color for the flowers, and then what a find -- the perfect fabrics from the Lucy's Crab Shack beauties! Looking forward to seeing what you do with those "building blocks"!!

  3. Your bike is fabulous. I love that you did it on "newsprint". So cool!!

  4. I love your bike stitching, and those colors in the basket will be sweet! I've seen quite a few pictures from that book around blogland lately, and it looks really cool.

  5. I MISSED THIS POST! I love that bike you stitched! Love it, love it, love it! I been bike crazy for quite a few years now. Stitching the flowers in color would work magic on this already great piece.