Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post Thanksgiving

I am so surprised at how fast time goes but it really speeds up during the holidays - right?  I had a successful dinner for 13 and very limited leftovers to my husband's dismay.  Unreal we will be in 2013 in a snap.

And you?  Get some turkey/stuffing/pie?  Do a little shopping?  Relax?  Did you shop for fabric!?  I am trying so very hard to ignore the cyber holiday percentages off but may not last too long!  

My partner in the Modern Christmas Tablerunner/Mini swap received her mini from me so I can unveil it ~

I love Winterkist with the gnomes!  The color palette is so bright and cheerful but I focused on blue.  My partner had Winterkist on her inspiration mosaic with blues and a separate hexagon quilt - so I went with it!  I put hanging corners on the back and used up my extra border blocks.  I will for sure use those blocks for borders in the future - here is a good tut.

I used just one Winterkist panel and I had all the solids to roll in from my stash, yay!  Mini quilts are so fun to play with and I love that they take up some of those extra fabrics/scraps.

The only other swap item I have left is a scrappy mug rug so, staying on the hexie madness I put together some hexies -

Add added some letters

I apologize for the poor picture - but it sums up my somewhat dim thoughts on it - the letters just do not pop as much as I hoped.  I used an off white to do a super mini fmq to hold the letters after fusing and it's 'meh' to me...so, I appreciate any thoughts. 

I may add a double binding with a bright fabric combo...hmmm?  Dunno. 

In the meantime I continue to plot what I need to get finished for holiday gifts...time is running short!  Eeek. 

Have a good one.  xo K


  1. wow Karen you are amazing i love your work.xx

  2. I sure do love that mini....it's gorgeous! Great work!

  3. I think it's great the way it is. The letters are clear enough but don't overwhelm li'l ole Santa Claus himself. Wow, that is some awesome micro-quilting on those letters. It gives them just the right shimmer, like frost...or drizzled icing. Yummy!

  4. Love that wee mini, and Winterkist was the one thing I went sale hunting for!

  5. Karen, you sure have some awesome work coming to you and going away from you in all the swaps you've been in. The one little quilt a few posts ago where you did pebble quilting in the grey background just looked fabulous making your center piecing really pop. I have been really struggling to keep up with all the blogs I like to follow, and I can sure see that I'm missing some wonderful work.